Windsor Great Park welcomes over two and a half million people every year.

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Windsor Great Park, the only Royal Park managed by The Crown Estate, was once part of a vast Norman hunting forest which was enclosed in the late 13th century. The 2,020 hectares (5,000 acres) of parkland, which includes a Deer Park, is a varied landscape of formal avenues, gardens, woodland and open grassland. The antiquity of the landscape is enhanced by the scattering of great ancient oaks for which the Great Park and its forest are renowned.


Situated in the south-east corner of the Great Park this much visited area provides rich and varied scenery. Virginia Water lake and its surrounding Georgian landscape of woodland, glades and forest rides is the centrepiece within which two internationally famous gardens – the Savill and Valley Gardens – were created in the twentieth century.




When we read when we read the Gospel accounts of the resurrection we note how varied  these experiences were.  There is always a mystery, a greater depth,  new things to uncover about the transformation possible because of  Easter.  If we delve beneath the surface of these Easter encounters, we do not find human strength and resolve ,and certainly no blasts of the trumpet or an elaborate liturgies. Instead we find fragility: people who are often at their lowest point, whose whole world has collapsed. In the case of the disciples it is because they believed Jesus to have disappeared for ever. And for us we always come to an Easter celebration  with pressing questions that we want to put to God’s today .  These questions may not be answered immediately or in the way that we want or expect – but Easter is not about putting a heavenly lid on this earthly experience : it is about interpreting earthly experience  in the light of  Christ.  So it is vital that we bring those questions and trying not to hide behind them amidst all the confidence and triumphalism Easter.


This holding together of life and death , light and darkness , sorrow and joy is one of the reasons why  this piece of work  given to me by my friend Nigel Dwyer  is so important . in his workshop he  produced  an image of the resurrection  in the  symbolic  clarity  and likeness of that  glass egg  but surrounds it  with a crown of thorns . it is all placed on a copper base which  refracts the light  and holds  the reality of that Crown in place . It is almost as if the clear brightness of the light  in the egg  bursts out of  the  dangerous  sharpness  of the  points  on that crown of thorns .


So let  us bring  OUR  questions , our Fears,  are vulnerabilities into  the Easter narrative . we are offered freedom to accept  and live  God is risen life  of encounter,  renewal and  forgiveness . This piece of art reminds me that  Christ  encounters us all  in our fragility  and in our love  today  and every day .




Jesus final words finished. His life is finished. His ministry is finished. The scriptures are finished. The reconciliation of God and creation is finished.


This is good news – everything is lost except the heart of God laid bare. We might just get close enough to glimpse that sacred heart laid bare.

And we might just get to read what is written on that heart, pierced and finished for the love of us. The love of you, love for you, each one of you and every part of your experience.


Here on the Cross is love, and in our beholding we glimpse life.



fresh life


and then my heart

pulled itself apart

and, filled to the brim

with a new light,

overflowed with fresh life.


now even the heavens

are thankful that

because of love

i have become

the giver of light






If you value yourself

watch that self, carefully;

the wise should be watchful.


Self must govern self.

Who else would do this work?

If the self is well controlled

you have found a good master.


It is your self that does wrong

it is your self that suffers

it is your self that purifies;

no-one can do it for you.


the Buddha





there is enough magic here

inside this one word

to change our world forever


mountain snow lying

across life’s pasture a

shadow reflected over

stone moss forest dream

man’s ability to under

stand nature’s living need


green comet seen in the sky

time’s gift, another

universe visiting our earth


there is enough magic here

inside this one word

to change our world forever




from Joseph Mayo Wristen – magic to change the world




Don’t worry about saving these songs,

And if one of our instruments breaks,

It doesn’t matter.

We have fallen,

We have fallen into the place,

Where everything is music…

Today, like every other day,

We wake up empty and frightened

Don’t open the door to the study

And begin reading.

Take down a musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

-Jalal ad-din Rumi


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