I think that some of you know that for much of last year I was involved in the Falconer Commission on assisted dying.Itwas a fascinating year and one  not without its measure of controversy.Much is made about my dissension from the main recommendations to change the law to allow  a very restricted group individuals in certain circumstances to seek assistance in ending their lives. I see from the editorial of today’s British medical Journal that there is a strong plea for medical organisations to stop their organised resistance to any shift in UK law.

So I’m just about to pack a bag and to fly off to Zürich to speak tomorrow at the International Convention of rights to die societies! Quite a gig as some might say… I’m not quite sure what I want to share with this large group will go down terribly well but I shall be fascinated to see the shape and culture of these groups gathered from across the world.

I’ll report back – if you are at all interested – but in the meantime in an airport terminal and exit take on quite a different shape and meaning…

Back on Saturday – I hope in one piece!