The Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, challenges us to immenrse ourselves in the Bible : “The texts a culture teaches its children shape their landscape of literacy, their horizons of aspiration. People who can quote the Bible walk tall. They sing with the tongues of poets; walk with the wisdom of Solomon; find solace in the soul music of the Psalms; and hope in the blazing visions of the prophets. In an age of blogs and tweets, the King James translation remains the Beethoven of the soul; the imperishable music of spiritual grandeur.”

And to  Miles Smith. “It remaineth that we commend thee to God and to the Spirit of his grace which is able to build further than we can ask or think. He removeth the scales from our eyes, the veil from our hearts, opening our wits that we may understand his word, enlarging our hearts, yea correcting our affections, that we may love it above gold and silver, yea that we may love it to the end. “