If the Bible is anything to go by, such experimental approaches to the reality and the realizing of faith will not guarantee any one of us necessarily comforting and reassuring experiences. We may be taken out of the half-light of a pseudo-faith or semi-faith into the darkness of doubt which is the ante-chamber to the reality of God. But if the experience of the people of God is anything to go by, if the life of Jesus Christ is anything to follow and to gain hope from, then we may be sure that anyone who will throw in his or her lot with the people of God and who will join with them in going out into the world’s uncertainties and into the depths of their own perplexities will find, in God’s time and not their own, that they are not alone in this journeying. Rather they will learn that they are on the way to a city whose builder and founder is God and that on this way they are given enough knowledge of God or, at least, sufficient hope that God will be known, to continue hopefully. Together we shall find growing in us a Christian faith in God which is not shaken by ferment nor defeated by frustration but rather strengthened and deepened because its source and its end lies in God alone.